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York Hackspace is a community-run and member-funded workshop in York for making things, meeting people, working on projects, and sharing knowledge.
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35 Hospital Fields Road,
YO10 4DZ
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York Hackspace is a Hacker Space in York, UK. Started in 2011 in association with The Hackspace Foundation, it provides a place for old and new hackers alike to meet up in York, discuss, share and develop their own projects. To quote Noisebridge We teach, we learn, we share.

We meet up most Wednesdays to share ideas, chat and make things. Please feel welcome to come along and meet us! See the Hackspace page for more info on our current location.

The York hackers are a pretty friendly bunch so why not Get in touch?

Some useful Links

SpaceHack project!

If you would like to help out, we have flyers available!

...And if you want a laugh, check out the quotes page: quotes


If you want to visit on a regular basis (other than open meetings), get a key for 24/7 access, just feel kind, or feel like you have too much spare money this month, then subscribe to give us your hard earned cash monies.

More details can be seen on the Membership page.