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"We teach, we learn, we share" We sometimes hold workshop sessions where members of the hackspace teach a particular skill to anyone who wants to join in. Even if you aren't a member, you are encouraged to join us for a workshop session! Depending on the workshop, there may be a fee for entry. Although where possible we try to make them free but with a recommended donation.

Upcoming workshop sessions

None planned right now :( You can change this though! We welcome volunteers to lead workshops.

Past sessions

Ideas for possible future sessions

  • Materials fabrication
    • Designing a 3D object for RepRap
    • Designing for laser cutting
    • Scavenged parts
  • PCB fabrication
    • Etching at home
    • Using fabrication services
    • Working with surface mount components
  • Diagnostics
    • Logic sniffers
    • Oscilloscopes
  • "Internet of Things"
    • MQTT publish / subscribe
    • Xively,
    • JSON
  • Programming
    • Android in Java on Eclipse
      • Apps
      • IOIO
    • Python on Raspberry Pi
    • VHDL on FPGAs
      • VHDL as virtual wiring between prebuilt cores and external pins
      • use of OpenCores, Wishbone, SOC builders
    • Web services for microcontrollers (REST, web sockets)