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Many pieces of equipment at the hackspace have been donated by members, or from local companies who have kit surplus to requirements. We welcome any offers of equipment, if you have anything that may be of interest to us please do not hesitate to Contact us, ideally either over the Mailing List or twitter. However, we do only have limited space and so sadly cannot accept everything offered - please don't be offended if we say no to an offer as often we won't want to turn it down either!

However, the items on the below list are things that we have a real need for right now. If you are able to offer anything on this list, we will be eternally grateful.

Most Wanted

Office/space supplies


Spare pens/rulers/post-it notes etc? We'll take them.

Desk drawers

A couple of sets of nice drawers that will fit under our desks (around 70cm height max) would allow us to store things much more efficiently. Somebody must have some spare from an old office or something?


Digital Storage Oscilloscope

We have two decent analogue scopes, but the fastest only goes to 200MHz. A DSO would be great to have.


CNC mill

Somebody must have a spare CNC mill, right? Let us take it off your hands.

Metal working lathe

We'd love to expand our metalwork facilities. Please talk to us before donating a lathe though, as it has implications on our insurance etc.

Woodworking tools

We've got drills, routers, sanders, circular saws, planes and all sorts of other woodwork tools, but they are mostly on loan from our friendly members. If you've got any you'd be happy to donate to us, we'd be very happy to receive them.