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  • The fridge
  • Calculon

Snacks are available for anybody in the space, in and around the fridge. As well as crisps, chocolate, biscuits, nuts etc, there's cans, coffee, teas and fruit tea. There's both full-sugar and diet drinks, caffeinated and decaf.

Our pricelist shows the price that we buy stock in for. In order to keep the tuckshop viable please donate at least this much into Calculon whenever you take something - you don't have to donate full shop cost for things but all donations do go towards improving the hackspace for everybody.

Current stock, and cost to YHS

GavinAtkinson usually restocks the tuckshop. If there's something you particularly want let one of them know, or write it on the whiteboard.

The fridge is also where we keep our Sugru. Please do not eat our Sugru.