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Daniel: "I'm working on the random number generator, I have the flipper already!"

22 Jan 2014

John's audio amp was picking up a wifi signal...

Nathan: Can't you wrap the wifi in tinfoil or something?

18 Sep 2013

Nathan: "Bitsbox is so much better than sparkfruit."

5 Jun 2013

Nathan: "That makes no sense. What do you even get if you divide a voltage by a resistance?... Oh, a current, duh."

22 May 2013

Daniel: "There are no good pictures of clogs on fotolia."

Nathan: "There are just no good pictures of clogs on the internet."

22 May 2013

John: "Why is my USB cable covered in chocolate?"

12 Dec 2012

Nathan: "It's 2.048 kHz exactly! Give or take."

24 Oct 2012