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This page is intended to hold useful information and links relating to the running of the Hackspace.


The general running of the Hackspace is overseen by a committee made up of a number of the members. Broadly speaking the committee is split into 3 main roles:

  1. Chair - Nat
  2. Secretary - Rich + Nick
  3. Treasurer - Gav

The committee is elected annually at the Hackspace AGM.


See the Meetings page for information on upcoming meetings, and for agendas and minutes from previous meetings.

Google Docs are used to prepare minutes before they're released on the wiki. These can be found in the Meetings folder in the YHS Committee folder on Google Drive.


Details of treasurer's duties and publicised account records are found on the finances page

Useful Links

Information used in running the space is often stored electronically in the YHS Committee folder on Google Drive.

We use Trello to track things we need to do.


This needs completing We have the following addresses set up on our domain:

  • committee - ???
  • treasurer - ???

Social Media

The Contact page has information about contacting us. Our social media accounts are summarised here:

Service Account Who has access (to post, etc)
Facebook yorkhackspace User:Photonician
Twitter @yorkhackspace User:Photonician
Instagram @yorkhackspace John Cooper
Google+ York Hackspace(?)