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York Hackspace is run entirely by its members - we are run as a non-profit, and the majority of the income needed to sustain our hackspace comes from membership fees. It costs nearly £15 a day to run the hackspace.

If you'd like to become a member, please see Becoming a Member.

Our standard membership fee is £30 monthly, however we understand that this is a lot of money for some people and will happily offer concessions for students and those who cannot afford it. The hackspace is paid for entirely by membership fees and donations, and is run as a non-profit. Any money left over after rent/electricity/WiFi etc are covered is used to purchase consumables and equipment for use by all members, and to otherwise develop the space.

Advantages of Membership

  • 24 hour access to the Hackspace
  • Free use of Hackspace tools and equipment (subject to training etc)
  • Storage space for your projects
  • WiFi access
  • Use of shared consumables, components, etc
  • Discounts on workshops and events
  • A say in how the space is run
  • An warm fuzzy sense of well-being

Becoming a Member

So, you want to become a member? Great! Being a member of York Hackspace gives both you and the hackspace a number of benefits. Here's the process.

As with open evenings we require that all members are over the age of 18. Members over the age of 18 may bring along guests under the age of 18 as long as they accompany them at all times.

As long as you meet that requirement then the following is the easiest way to become a member!

  1. Subscribe to our mailing list, and follow us on twitter
    Vital information will be distributed via the mailing list, so please keep an eye on it.
  2. Come talk to us!
    Ideally, come along to one of our Open Evenings and talk to us in person. If you can't make it, drop us an email to the mailing list.
  3. Set up a standing order for membership fees.
    Membership is paid monthly, on the first of the month, ideally by standing order. Cash, cheque or Paypal can be taken, but are discouraged.
    Contact the treasurer (email: treasurer at york dot hackspace dot org dot uk, currently Gavin Atkinson) for bank details, or if none of these are suitable for you.
  4. Obtain keys if desired
    If you want 24/7 access, you'll need keys. We need a £25 deposit for a set of keys, which will be refunded when you return them.
    Please familiarise yourself with the instructions for locking/unlocking the building.
  5. Hack away!
    We look forward to seeing you at the space more :)