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York Hack Space

York Hack Space is an all new Hacker Space in York, UK. It is being organised in association with The Hackspace Foundation to provide a place for old and new hackers alike to meet up in York, discuss, share and develop their own projects.

We meet up most Wednesdays at Guppy's to share ideas, chat and make things. See the Events page for more info. Check out Notes for First Timers if you'd like to come along. We look forward to meeting you!

The York hackers are a pretty friendly bunch so why not Get in touch? We're on Google+!

To quote Noisebridge We teach, we learn, we share.

Some useful Links

Kit available for borrowing

Workshops - Ideas for future sessions, resources from past ones

Top Secret project!

If you would like to help out, please put up some flyers!

Please check out the rule for editing the wiki.

...And if you want a laugh, check out the quotes page: quotes

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