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Reflow Oven
T-962A Reflow Oven.jpg
Model T-962A
Sub-category Electronics
Status Working
Owner York Hackspace
Origin Donation
Last updated 29 November 2017 14:00:37
Last updated by GavinAtkinson

Infra-red PCB reflow oven.

The oven has six preset heat profiles, and two user-configurable profiles. Profile 1 seems to work well for 60/40 Pb/Sn solder, profile 3 seems to work well for Pb-free solder. Some experimentation and careful monitoring is recommended.

The controller interface is "minimal" when it comes to UX... it takes a bit of getting used to. Key scan happens at around 1Hz frequency, so you need to hold buttons until it registers. There are replacement community-created firmwares available for this, we should investigate one day. There are also a number of community-recommended hardware modifications which should also be investigated - our unit has already had the masking tape replaced with Kapton tape, the earthing improved, and the sliding hinges realigned.

Do not leave this unit unattended during use.



  • Max PCB size: 300mm × 320mm
  • Recommended max PCB size: 250mm × 250mm
  • 1500W heating capacity
  • Four tubes


  • 240VAC via C13
  • 1800W max.