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Long Scale Galvanometer
WPA K104 Long Scale Galvanometer.jpg
Model WPA K104
Sub-category Electronics
Status Working
Owner York Hackspace
Origin Donation
Last updated 1 July 2017 18:24:36
Last updated by GavinAtkinson

A galvanometer is a device for measuring very very small currents - it's capable of measuring from around 0.5µA up to a maximum of about 20 mA. It uses a light beam reflected off a mirror attached to a tiny moving coil so is very sensitive to changes in current, but is also very sensitive to vibration from the desk etc.

The WPA galvanometer can be used either with zero at the far left or at the centre of the scale, depending on the nature of the cuurent being measured.

Always switch the range selector to "short" when the galvanometer is not in use.




  • Power supply: 240V hard-wired mains