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Craft Robo vinyl cutter
Model CC100-20
Sub-category CNC
Status Working
Owner York Hackspace
Origin Donation
Last updated 17 January 2018 23:28:09
Last updated by Djabailey

This was donated to the hackspace, it seems to work well with robocut


  • Cuts A4 sheets (Or smaller, but must be at least 210mm to reach both rollers)
  • Supported Materials: Paper, Card, Vinyl, various other thin sheet materials.


  • Physical Dimensions: ~400x210x160mm
  • Power Supply: 24v PSU

How to use

  • Install robocut
  • For linux users: add yourself to the `lp` group with `sudo adduser $USER lp`
  • Connect the cutter to a USB port on your machine
  • Insert your design in to the appropriate cutting template (found in `/usr/share/robocut/` on linux installations) using inkscape (or any other SVG editor)
  • Load your design in robocut and press cut!

Material stock

The hackspace has some sheets of vinyl in black and in red, on the bookshelf. You can use them if you like.