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The Hackspace is currently closed.

Last Updated: 17 Feb 2021

Provisional Information for when we re-open. Subject to agreement by the committee


  • Only one (person/household/bubble) should be present at any time
  • Book a reasonable slot in the calendar in advance
  • Allow time to clean up, tidy round and disinfect, so you do not overrun.
  • Reserve 30 minutes before and after your slot to allow for “dead air” - you should be out of the space during these times.
  • Don’t turn up without a booking.
  • Knock on arrival. If someone is there, don’t go in, even if they have overrun.
  • Think about the activities you will do
    • Is there any heightened risk of infection?
    • Are you able to sanitize the equipment?
    • Might any equipment need maintenance - mention it if you don’t know how, e.g.
      • Laser cutter water changes and alignment
      • Bandsaw tension
      • 3D printer cleaning / maintenance

At the space:

  • Wear a mask at all times.
  • Tuck shop
    • Thoroughly wash or sanitize your hands before using the tuck shop
    • Don’t handle stock unnecessarily - especially cans
    • Wipe down the phone / sumup if you touched them
    • Don’t open calculon for change
    • Non-packaged sweets will be withdrawn
  • What is the situation with the kitchen and toilets? We think they are currently closed.
  • Do people need to wear gloves for some things, e.g. to reduce transmission risks on hand tools?
  • Keep windows open if at all possible.


  • Disinfect work surfaces and equipment before and after use
  • Ensure touchpoints like window handles are cleaned too
  • Leave the space at least as tidy as you found it
  • Mention anything that’s running low on the mailing list or discord
  • Remember some groups are at higher risk from Covid
  • Reusable PPE e.g. safety specs, gloves??
  • Alarm panel??

Please tell a trustee if you take ill or test positive for Covid, so that they can notify anyone who has used the space after you; you will not be named

A QR code to use with the NHS app will be posted in the space