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Please familiarise yourself with these procedures before obtaining keys, and if you have been away for some time before attempting re-entry. If there are any questions or if you want any part of the process clarifying, please ask an existing member or a member of the committee.


  • Unlock and enter the blue outside door
  • If alarm buzzer sounds, hold fob against the bottom panel of the alarm panel for two seconds to disarm it
  • There's a lightswitch to the right of the alarm panel if you need it
  • Go up stairs, use fob to open inside door
  • Open hackspace door with key (two full revolutions). Alarm buzzer will sound
  • Enter alarm code and press ent to disarm hackspace alarm.
  • Hack stuff
  •  ???

Note that between 17:00 and 09:00 we're supposed to keep the outside door locked. Unless it's our Weekly Open Evening it's probably best to do so.


  • Make sure all equipment in the hackspace is powered off
  • Make sure all windows are closed and lights are off in the hackspace
  • Enter alarm code, press A. Alarm should start buzzing
  • Lock hackspace door. The key turns two full revolutions. Check it is locked.
  • Check the toilet and kitchen windows are fully closed, and the kitchen light is off. Corridor and toilet lights are on a timer and can be ignored.
  • Leave the corridor, make sure the upstairs door is secure. Go down stairs.
  • Hold fob against the bottom panel of the alarm panel for five seconds to arm. Alarm should start beeping.
  • IMPORTANT: If alarm reports zones being unset and won't arm, press ESC. This indicates that one of the other units is occupied.
  • Switch light off, lock external door.
  • Alarm will beep for about 60 seconds before going silent for 5-10 seconds and then emitting a long beep. This is fine.


If you accidentally trigger the building alarm, unset it and contact a committee member straight away. When the alarm is triggered, an external company is called out to investigate. Committee members have the ability to remotely cancel the call out, but if we don't do so and it's a false alarm we are charged for the callout.


There are fire escapes situated at both ends of the building. One is the standard entry/exit route, and the other is a dedicated fire exit at the far end of the corridor (through the double doors in the corridor). Although we usually only use the first hackspace door, in an emergency the second hackspace door can be unlocked from the inside. The fire alarm is not connected to a control centre; in case of a real fire you will need to contact 999 yourself.