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First spacehack Makerfaire appearance
Game play at Newcastle maker faire
The basic setup
Console 4 design
Console 3 Design
Some controls lighting up
Close up of screens working
More screens working
The basic setup
Panel 1 almost fits
LCD stand test
"See that bit?"
Fitting components to the panel
Top LCD housing (3D printed)
More work
Fitting the panels to the boxes
Construction of server box
People Hard at work
Same people, still working
Close up of the switch
Getting it all together
Console 1 assembled
Console 2 assembled
Console 1 laser cut parts
Layers going together for the first time
Paper/Cardboard prototype
The Big Buttons!
Console 1 front design
Console 2 front design
First server box prototype
proof of concept
Testing some LCDs
First spacehack server box prototype
First concept on paper
Server insides

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