What's happened so far?

Monday 28th of April -

We went to the Makerfaire! As planned, Spacehack appeared at the Makerfaire UK 2014 at the life centre in Newcastle. Three members from York Hackspace turned up. Bob, John and Dan. Everyone who played the game [and ubderstood the game] seemed to be having plenty of fun. Many people kept coming back to play again. More write up coming soon.

Monday 21st of April -

Consoles 2 and 3 are ready to go! The server code is good. The client code looks reasonably stable too. The game is ready at least as a two player game for now. With some luck and a bucket full of elbow grease, we might have three working consoles at the makerfaire.

Wednesday 9th of April -

All four consoles are now assembled. Console 2 is fully wired up. Console 1 isn't far behind. The wiring should be easy now and will be completed very soon. All that is left after that is the code. The client code is almost finished and the server code is starting to take shape. The project should be done before the Maker Faire.

Wednesday 12th of March -

The final two consoles have been designed, the laser cut parts are still to be manufactured. Hardware is quickly getting wired up and some controls are working, most things are starting to look more solid than they did previously as we shift from breadboards to stripboards.

Wednesday 12th of February -

We now have most of the LCDs working in their boxes. Game logic code is starting to move along. Generation of amusing text is without doubt coming along nicely. We still need to try and design circuit boards for more robust connections to the beaglebone black in each console.

Wednesday 15th of January -

The game will have a central server box which manages all of the control panels. So far we have fabricated two control panels for the space ship and got most of the electronics in both panels and the server done. With a little programming left to do, we are close to seeing it come to life soon.

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