SpaceHack at Derby mini maker faire
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The [Top Secret] Mission


Welcome aboard the USS Guppy, recently refurbished to the very highest standards of modern space-worthiness by some new lowest-bidding contractors we found on the net. We're proud that this venerable old boat, a veteran of many a heroic space battle, has once again been declared officially "Good enough for Government work."

To get your Star Corps training off to a gentle start, we'll be making a routine pass out by an asteroid belt orbiting an unstable Red Giant star near the edge of the Forbidden Zone, to investigate some unusual radiation signatures - should be smooth sailing all the way.

Oh - and you may find your control panel's been reconfigured. Don't panic - the ship's computer will issue you with all the instructions you need, assuming the IT boffins have finished debugging it. I'm sure you'll get the hang of the new control system in no time.

Toodle pip!

Missile Switch
More screens working

What does it do?

"Set multitronic filter to magenta alert! Decrease polarity knot to 9! Plug in the centrifugal F-screen!"

SpaceHack is an exciting fast-paced space themed hands-on visitor participation game built by York Hackspace, in which players are cast as crew members aboard the perpetually disaster-prone USS Guppy on its chaotic adventures across the universe. Crew must operate an ever-changing command console of controls and follow orders from their fellow crew members in order to try to keep the ship out of danger - but how long can they hold out? Every missed command brings the ship closer to destruction.

Game Setup

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