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We’re moving!

York Hackspace has found a new home! We’re moving to Redeness Street! It’s really close to the town centre, and to York St John University.

A street map of York town centre. A route between two places has been crudely drawn in red on top of the map. The route starts at a place labelled "old" (Hospital Fields Road) and ends at a place labelled "New" (Redeness Street)

It’s a much bigger space, we’re going from 300 square feet (28 square metres) to 820 square feet (76 square metres)!

We’re going to have two rooms too, we hope to separate some of our loud and dirty equipment from the rest of the space, to enhance opportunities for quiet socialising. It’s going to feel much more spacious. I’ve drawn the area of the old space on top of the floorplan of the new space to give you an idea of just how much bigger it is.

A floorplan of the new hackspace, with a dotted outline of the size of the old hackspace for comparison. The new hackspace has two rooms. The larger room has a kitchen area

It’s also entirely ground-floor! Our old space is on the first floor of a rather old building. It was built without a lift, and hasn’t had one retrofitted, so we’ve been limited by the stairs. In the new space this will no longer be an issue! Not only does that mean it’s easier getting equipment in, but, more importantly, we’re now much more accessible. ūü•≥ If you’ve been interested in coming to the Hackspace, but were unable to use the stairs, we’re excited that we’ll soon be able to welcome you in to our new space!

We’re hoping to complete the move by the middle of March 2024.

If you want to keep up to date with move planning and discussion, join our discord!

Re-Opening the Space

We are starting to re-open the space after the COVID restrictions. Right now Members can start to visit the space by booking in advance. This is still very limited at the moment due to the shared nature of the building but we will hope to open up over the coming months in line with the overall plan for the country.

Please see the Covid Page for more information about the latest status.

We are still meeting up weekly on Discord for the open meetings see the contact page for more details.

It will be great to see people using the space again and I hope we can regroup and start to build on what we had before and, in time, start to meet up and have a more social space again.

You said… We do!

If you follow us on social media or are a member of our mailing list, you have probably seen our survey asking you for your ideas on what we can change to make the space (still open here).

You asked us to…

Rearrange to make more space

We’ve rejigged the space to make it a bit more collaborative and to make it a bit more open:

More opening times to non members
We have a regular Saturday open day (hackSaturdays!) planned, roughly once per month, in addition to the regular Wednesday Open Nights. Keep an eye out for notifications via twitter, facebook and the blog!
(i’d like to learn) Laser cutting
We have a laser cutting workshop in the pipeline, watch this space!

New Event: hackSaturdays!

Wednesdays have been Open Nights since version 1.0 of York Hackspace, way back when we used to meet in the Black Swan. However, we understand that weeknights aren’t the best time for everyone to visit the space.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we are starting up hackSaturdays: different day, different time, but the same original recipe as the Wednesday Open Evenings.

Our first hackSaturday will be from 10:00 until 16:00 on Saturday the 10th of February. 

Want to know how to find us? Click here

For more details about our open nights, see the wiki.

Curious about what to bring?

All you need is yourself, enthusiasm and curiosity. Feel free to bring a project, things to make, things to do, things you want help with, or things you just can’t find time to do elsewhere.

What does the hackspace have to offer?

You’ll be free to use whatever tools and facilities you want, subject to the necessary training and/or supervision. Non-members will be expected to contribute towards hardware, electronic components etc (members get all this stuff for free!) if it’s more than a few bits and pieces. We have a fast Internet connection sponsored by¬†Andrews & Arnold¬†which you’re welcome to use. And a tuckshop!



Please contact us using any of the methods below!

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We’ll be back at Maker Faire UK this year

Despite crashing the USS guppy into the Life Science Centre‚Äôs unique exhibition space numerous times, somehow we’ve been invited back for the next Maker Faire UK.

This will be the fourth year that we’ve been at the Maker Faire UK. We will, of course, be taking spacehack. We’ll also be bringing along some other projects too. John’s tetris table shall be making an appearance and we’ll no doubt have some other goodies you can play around with.

Be sure to check out when details of who else is exhibiting are released.

Some photos of our past adventures in the Life Science Centre…

York Hackspace at MakerFaire UK 2014

2016 was a great year for York Hackspace

Many things happened in 2016. Lots of the people reading this probably have mixed feelings about this past year. But at least we can all agree, I hope, that it was a great year for York Hackspace.

As¬†we, the hackspace went into 2016, we had our own space with 24 hour access. Members could make use of the space whenever they wanted to. This space was in Stonebow house. Sadly we had to leave Stonebow quite early into this year. We knew that this was coming and it helped us by forcing us to keep moving forward. Within six months we had moved into a bigger space with easier access and¬†registered as a¬†company. Our membership has grown and we hope that it continues to grow. If you’ve not seen our new home in Fulford business centre, you should come and check it out!

Our space at Fulford Business Centre

Our new space at Fulford Business CentreOur fifth birthday was this year, and it fell on a Wednesday, so we¬†decided to have a celebration combined with a sort of space-warming party on our open evening. There was lots of food, including this giant cookie…

Our much-loved spaceship disaster game Spacehack has had another spin around the galaxy UK as we took it to four maker events. It was at the UK Maker Faire in newcastle, EMF Camp, Manchester Makefest and the Derby Mini Maker Faire.

Spacehack at Derby

Spacehack at Derby

The hackspace blog is also looking much more active than it did at the start of the year. We hope to engage with makers as much as we can, and sharing the interesting things that go on at the hackspace is something that helps us do that. We even got our fifteen minutes of fame from hackaday this year. Seven and a half of those minutes with a¬†post about Spacehack. and the remaining seven and a half with a post about John’s LED tetris table.

John’s world-famous tetris table

So it’s [almost] time to say goodbye to 2016 and find out what exciting things 2017 has to offer. I hope you can join us and help to make it a good one.

Let’s light the space for Christmas

We can’t avoid it any longer, Christmas is arriving soon.

The most import part of Christmas is, of course, finding as many flashing lights as you can and concentrating them all in one¬†area. Any good hackspace should be full of flashy lights at Christmas. So if you have a cool project that’s mostly just flashing lights, you should definitely bring it to the hackspace¬†next Wednesday and show us all how it works! Let’s light up the space with all the pretty LEDs we can.

To get us started, I’ve brought along¬†a couple of my projects, repurposed slightly to create¬†a more festive atmosphere.

But it’s not all about lights. Continuing the tradition of previous years,¬†it’ll soon be time to gather in a pub somewhere in York city centre and have some drinks to celebrate. You’re welcome to join us if you like!

I found some LED strips that were not doing much, so they’re now decorating the mains trunking


I also threw together a raspberry pi and an old project that had a scrolling text display on it. It’s difficult to photograph, you’ll have to trust me that it looks okay to the human eye. You can send it a new message if you’re connected to the wifi.


We are now five years old

We celebrated our fifth birthday last Wednesday! (26th of October)

The first¬†real YHS meeting was on October the 26th 2011 at Guppy’s enterprise club. (See our¬†history page.)¬†This was timed quite nicely, the exact day was a Wednesday this year, no need to break the open evening rhythm.

We lit up the space with all the LEDs we could find, filled a table with food and proceeded to disorient ourselves with a combination of alcohol and VR games.

Table full of party food

A plethora of party snacks.

For such a special occasion, there had to be a giant double-layer Millie’s¬†cookie with the York Hackspace logo recreated in icing.

giant cookie with York Hackspace logo



The space is ours!

We recently got a new space!

Our space at Fulford Business Centre

Our space at Fulford Business Centre

The timing of this move has worked out nicely. Our fifth birthday is approaching and so we have decided to have a combined “welcome to the new space” and “happy fifth birthday” celebration on our open evening¬†on the 26th of October. Come along and join us.¬†If you can; bring some party food too!

On the 15th of August 2016 we moved in to our new home in Fulford business centre. This is a significant change from our previous meeting places.¬†Our previous space was only temporary, this one isn’t.¬†It’s also the largest space we’ve had so far.

We have lots of equipment already available at the space, including a 3D printer, soldering equipment¬†and oscilloscopes. But we want to add more as and when we can. If you have some equipment to donate, we’d love to hear from you.

We want to grow our membership, and we encourage anyone to join us. Come along to an open evening to have a chat and find out more.¬†York Hackspace is run for it’s members by it’s members, not for profit.

So, join us at the next open evening, and be sure not to miss the celebration on the 26th.

Happy hacking!

Goodbye, Stonebow!

Back in August, we moved into Stonebow House along with the Arts Barge people.¬† As the developers now want to start doing work on the building, we’ve moved out.¬† From the fourth floor, with no working lift, there was a lot of manual handling down the narrow fire escape to the car park with all our gear!

View from Stonebow house; flickr photo shared by choffee under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

Having a temporary space to use when we like has been a great thing for the Hackspace (and not just because of the beautiful views either) – it’s attracted some new members, and given us a chance to see what freedoms that offers.¬† Being able to leave tools and gadgets out has given us a great community feeling, and it’s certainly saved me a lot of backache carrying my stuff to and fro.

Sharing with the other artists has also been really enjoyable – we’ve seen people doing all sorts of creative things, and we’ve had a fair amount of interest in our own work too.

We’re still working on finding “Hackspace 3.0”, so watch this space (and if you know anyone who might be able to offer us cheap office space, please let us know)!

We’ll continue to meet weekly in the Black Swan (or other pub as agreed) to keep the momentum going until we have a new space.

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