We’re moving!

York Hackspace has found a new home! We’re moving to Redeness Street! It’s really close to the town centre, and to York St John University.

A street map of York town centre. A route between two places has been crudely drawn in red on top of the map. The route starts at a place labelled "old" (Hospital Fields Road) and ends at a place labelled "New" (Redeness Street)

It’s a much bigger space, we’re going from 300 square feet (28 square metres) to 820 square feet (76 square metres)!

We’re going to have two rooms too, we hope to separate some of our loud and dirty equipment from the rest of the space, to enhance opportunities for quiet socialising. It’s going to feel much more spacious. I’ve drawn the area of the old space on top of the floorplan of the new space to give you an idea of just how much bigger it is.

A floorplan of the new hackspace, with a dotted outline of the size of the old hackspace for comparison. The new hackspace has two rooms. The larger room has a kitchen area

It’s also entirely ground-floor! Our old space is on the first floor of a rather old building. It was built without a lift, and hasn’t had one retrofitted, so we’ve been limited by the stairs. In the new space this will no longer be an issue! Not only does that mean it’s easier getting equipment in, but, more importantly, we’re now much more accessible. 🥳 If you’ve been interested in coming to the Hackspace, but were unable to use the stairs, we’re excited that we’ll soon be able to welcome you in to our new space!

We’re hoping to complete the move by the middle of March 2024.

If you want to keep up to date with move planning and discussion, join our discord!