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hackSaturday This Weekend!




The next hackSaturday will be from 10:00 until 16:00 on Saturday the 24th of February

Wednesdays have been Open Nights since version 1.0 of York Hackspace, way back when we used to meet in the Black Swan. However, we understand that weeknights aren’t the best time for everyone to visit the space.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we are starting up hackSaturdays: different day, different time, but the same original recipe as the Wednesday Open Evenings.

Want to know how to find us? Click here

For more details about our open nights, see the wiki.

Curious about what to bring?

All you need is yourself, enthusiasm and curiosity. Feel free to bring a project, things to make, things to do, things you want help with, or things you just can’t find time to do elsewhere.

What does the hackspace have to offer?

You’ll be free to use whatever tools and facilities you want, subject to the necessary training and/or supervision. Non-members will be expected to contribute towards hardware, electronic components etc (members get all this stuff for free!) if it’s more than a few bits and pieces. We have a fast Internet connection sponsored by Andrews & Arnold which you’re welcome to use. And a tuckshop!



Please contact us using any of the methods below!

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New Workshop: Hackspace First Aid

Please note: The date for this workshop has changed to the 22nd of March (1830 to 2200)

We’re kicking off our Workshop series with an evening workshop: Hackspace First Aid.

Hackspaces can be a bit hazardous, depending what you’re doing: sharp things, spinny things, hot things, cold things, laser-y things, poisonous things…

Whilst unlikely, all of these things can hurt you. The aim of this workshop is to share some knowledge on how to respond to accidents that you might see at a Hackspace.

We’re aiming to cover:

  • CPR
  • Cuts/bleeding/trauma
  • Burns
  • Eye injuries
  • Falls
  • Electrocution
Be aware: this is not a First Aid course! It is not ratified by anyone, and you will get no qualifications at the end of it.
Tickets are free, but there will be a suggested donation (TBC) that we would greatly appreciate if you attend, especially if you aren’t a member of York Hackspace.

Register for a free ticket at