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New Event: hackSaturdays!

Wednesdays have been Open Nights since version 1.0 of York Hackspace, way back when we used to meet in the Black Swan. However, we understand that weeknights aren’t the best time for everyone to visit the space.

We are therefore pleased to announce that we are starting up hackSaturdays: different day, different time, but the same original recipe as the Wednesday Open Evenings.

Our first hackSaturday will be from 10:00 until 16:00 on Saturday the 10th of February. 

Want to know how to find us? Click here

For more details about our open nights, see the wiki.

Curious about what to bring?

All you need is yourself, enthusiasm and curiosity. Feel free to bring a project, things to make, things to do, things you want help with, or things you just can’t find time to do elsewhere.

What does the hackspace have to offer?

You’ll be free to use whatever tools and facilities you want, subject to the necessary training and/or supervision. Non-members will be expected to contribute towards hardware, electronic components etc (members get all this stuff for free!) if it’s more than a few bits and pieces. We have a fast Internet connection sponsored by Andrews & Arnold which you’re welcome to use. And a tuckshop!



Please contact us using any of the methods below!

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More Open Days, More Workshops, More Better!

It is probably a bit late in the month for New Years resolutions, but York Hackspace never does things by the books, so why start now…? 

An inkjet printer cartridge looking genuinely shocked that a new blog post has appeared

It’s been a while since our last blog post: Since October, in fact. Despite the radio silence, lots has been going on: the laser cutter has some shiny new modifications and upgrades (watch this space for an update!), plans hatched, wood carpenter-ed, mallets crafted, lasers cut, many chocolate bars munched and cans of Coke drunk. We just need to tell people about it!


So, York Hackspace has a New Year’s Resolution: BE MORE SOCIAL!


This is what we have planned:


  • Expect more posts about what we’ve been up to on the blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… you name it, you’ll see it.
  • More open events! Wednesday evenings at 8pm will remain Open Nights, but we will be having regular open days on weekends (to be announced later this week!) so more people can make it down to the space.
  • Workshops: we want to share skills and help people teach themselves about making cool stuff, so expect workshops about laser cutting, PCB making… watch this space!
  • Hackathons: 24 hours of hackery goodness!

Want to keep up to date with whats going on? Follow us at any of the links below, and see ya at the ‘space!

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